Event tickets will go on sale soon. 2021 ticket holders that have been refunded will have priority for 2022


VIP Experience (Limited Edition)

Experience the full EO Unlimited event in VIP style, with a helicopter tour above the island and a complimentary airport pick-up and drop-off service. Only 29 VIP tickets will be made available, and they will sell out fast!

Take an unparalleled 30 minute scenic adventure over Santorini and it’s volcanic caldera. Ride in style, gaze down on the Caldera, watch the waves crashing against the rugged cliffs. As you fly over, Immerse yourself in the golden landscape of the setting sun or the waters sparkling under the bright morning sun. Rides available on Saturday 23 May. Plus the convenience of chauffeur-driven airport pick-up and drop-off straight to and from your hotel.

Availability: Only 29 tickets will be sold, click "Buy Now" to see live availability on EO Network website.

Price: 1.799€


Regular Ticket      

Join 200 EOers in iconic Santorini for the full EO Unlimited experience to Design Your Future Self. Only 49 Super Early Bird tickets will be made available, so they might not be here next time you check!

During two and a half days of workshops along with exceptional speakers you will chart a course for where you aspire to go, what gives you energy, and armed with the right tools, plan your next days so as to live a life of clear intent. What are you waiting for?

Availability: 49 tickets available before price increases. Click "Buy Now" to see live availability on EO Network website.


  • 1.299€ (Tickets 1-50)  

  • 1.399€ (Tickets 51-100)  

  • 1.499€ (Tickets 101-150) 

  • 1.599€ (Tickets 151-250)  

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Social events

For spouses and life partners who are joining the evening social events in iconic Santorini.

Santorini has been voted time and time again as the most romantic island in the world, so we expect many EOers will want to bring their spouse or life partner.  This ticket will offer your spouse or life partner access to all social events and experiences that EO Unlimited has to offer.

Availability: Spouses and Life Partners only

Price: 499€ - only available as add-on to Full ticket or VIP ticket

Bundle only